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ECOFaith is a coalition of diverse local faith communities who are working together, acknowledging that the earth is in environmental peril and that collaborative leadership is needed to protect and preserve our living planet. ISSB’s approach to environmentalism is based on Quranic teaching and the concepts of tawhid (unity), khalifa (stewardship) and amana (accountability). Tawhid is the oneness of God and the cornerstone of Islamic faith.

The principle of khalifa and amana emerge from the principle of tawhid. The Quran explains that human beings have a privileged position among God’s creation and are therefore chosen as khalifa. Human being are given the amana for caring God’s earthly creation, and have a moral relationship with the rest of God’s creation which demands responsibility, self-restrain and an awareness of the need of others.

Islam requires us to adopt a holistic lifestyle and take seriously our role as khalifa. Over 750 verses in the Quran exhort us to reflect on nature, to study the relationship between living things and their environment, to make the best use of reason and to maintain the balance and proportion God has built into creation.

To include environmental considerations into all our actions is considered a major obligation in Islam.