As-salam alaykum – السلام عليكم

Parking for Friday Prayers: 

We will be able to park at our new center at 302 N. Los Carneros  Road, Goleta, CA 93117. Jumma will be from 1:20 pm to 1:55pm. 

Please DO NOT park in spaces marked handicap, electric vehicle or reserved parking, unless you have a handicap placard, an electric car or a co-chair donor. Please do not park anywhere in the driveway.

Late comers can park their car at ISSB overflow parking located at the Stow House.

Please do not park at the public parking between Stow House and the fire station, the vacant lot across the street from the center, and especially not in the commercial lot across the street.

Please do not jeopardize our permits and goodwill.

It only takes 1 person to create a problem for the entire community, DO NOT be that person!

Jazak Allah Khair

The ISSB Team